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5 steps: vision wall how-to.

Setting up a vision wall or board is super easy, but takes some time to do. In total this will take you about 5 hours to complete if you're focused. It literally took me days only because i tried to complete it in the middle of the holidays.

vision wall materials:

- paper

- multicolored pens and/or highlighters

- Command strips or Tacky glue (command strips work best)

- computer

- printer

- frames to your liking

- honesty and time to reflect

- printing templates (just customize for the size of your frames)


  1. Establish categories : wealth, health, emotions, etc.

  1. Write down all your ideas. No ideas are bad ideas.

  1. Catergorize the ideas and revise as needed. Did you repeat ideas? Can some goals be condensed?

  1. Take a break. You'll need some time to come back to the list to decide if you're commtted to everything you wrote down.

  1. Finalize the list. Format your phrases/goals/ideas. Display.

hope you're feeling inspired.

-aj :)

#crafts #energy #renewal