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bright beginnings. refreshing renewals.

it's 2016! i couldn't be more excited about the new hurdles, lessons, and POSITIVE changes a new year will bring. i don't know about y'all but a renewal is always welcome.

by the way, i've reenergized the face of the blog to usher in the new year! i'm not one to believe in a "new year, new me" but i am open to new energy and new plans. get ready for an ambitious year of growth and development!

so here is a photo of my vision board setup from 2014 leading into 2015. I wrote out specific actions versus using ambiguous visuals [no shade]. for me being as specific as possible helped me remember the exact intent. there was little room for error when it came to remembering what the goal meant. some of my goals included:

[2015 board]

-read more

-eyebrows on fleek

-take a risk in my career

-strength myself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and was that an unexpected process

-get back to doing what I want

my board for 2016 looks like this.

[2016 board]

this year i've included similar desires and action steps. i've categorized my goals again by post-it color and have arranged them at a specific priority level. here's a few of those goals:

-be bold.

-learn more.

-run more 5ks.

-spread more positivity.

for my board this year I want a bigger, and living statement. if these goals are worth my time i want them to fit a specific aesthetic. i want the vision board to be a piece of art within my home. so here is my finished product. there are more pictures, including the tools i used in the gallery below. check back tomorrow for how i set the board up and for templates to get you started!

i hope you find use in this particular blog to help you jumpstart your vision board or vision wall for 2016. even if you only make a list on the back of a napkin somewhere, have a clear and intentional goal of who you want to be today, tomorrow, and everyday.

to bright beginnings and refreshing renewals.

-aj (new year, same me)

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