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but beethoven my cousin.

i can't count the number of times a childhood friend would interrupt a game of tag, soccer, or barbies to tell me that someone famous was their cousin. and don't let that friend and the celebrity have the same name or be from the same general region of the united states. showing a lack of trust in that friend would lead to arguing, a bunch of "na uh's" and "that's why you's," and teeth smacking. before you could blink you and your friend had insulted each other 24 times and are longer friends...until something dope came on tv.

and i know, you were probably thinking damn this girl is right. people do be lying about dumb ish like that. man i did it too as a kid. and that's totally fine. this a judgement free zone.

Thus leads me to my point of bringing your attention to Google's Doodle. I love these things! The one for December 17 celebrates Ludwig van Beethoven's 245th year. You watch a video of him dealing with a bad day and you have to help him rearrange some of his most famous musically compositions. I was all into the game this morning when i had a thought.

WAIT!?! Didn't someone say that Beethoven was Black? I felt like I'd heard this before so I researched it some. Here's some of what I found:

1. Definitely not

2. Scholarly article that say no, but provides resources that say yes

3. Of course he was!

What do you think?

#music #Blackish