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i am an angry Black woman.

anger requires energy and attention. it is an emotion that thrives off committment. you have to ready for the long haul. ready to confront all the garbage to find the real dismiss your doubts...and to setup a game plan.

hello anger. now what?

Being angry is not for the weak. Now I'm never one to invalidate the feelings or emotions of anyother. Gon 'head and #staymadabby, but I can invalidate your stance if you cannot recognize for yourself why you are angry. Not only that, but you have to be willing to establish a plan to flip this anger into something positive.

I'm recognizing, admitting, and planning through my issues. I am an angry Black woman.


1. I was at one point angry at God for taking love away from me and that I did not understand why.

2. I'm angry that I have to surpress my thoughts because I may offend or hurt someone's feelings. In the long run I'm the uncomfortable one.

3. I'm angry that I have to question how to teach minority youth to deal with authority.

4. I'm angry that systematic oppression is a buzzword in 2015.

5. I'm angry that mass killings are still occurring.

6. I'm angry my natural hair is mocked through cultural appropriation.

7. I'm angry that all my skinfolk still can't be my skin folk.

8. I'm angry at this wave of pseduo-consciousness.

9. I'm angry that minorities are still underrepresented on TV and then done so in a sterotypical fashion.

10. I'm angry that in 2015 I still have this much racial, economic, and sexist bullshit in the world to deal with.

I could continue this list, but I'll spare you. I've learned in my 26th year that my anger is powerful and noteworthy because it will soon work in my favor. I am an angry Black woman ready to take the initiative to turn each frustration into something impactful and positive.

Plan of Action:

When you find yourself in this same situation, try one of these suggestions.

#women #Blackish